Here you can find all of our fees that you may be charged for the various consultations and services we offer.

For procedures, we also include a breakdown of the cost in order to be fully transparent.

If you are not eligible for a grant from the Social Security Department a charge will be added on to your bill where applicable.
This is currently £12 for a Doctor consultation and £6 for a Nurse consultation.

A standard consultation with a doctor or nurse is 10 minutes, and an extended consultation is 20 minutes.


Fees for most treatments can be covered by medical insurance and each company has its own procedures and method of claiming.  In some cases, and for some types of treatment, payment can be claimed directly by the Practice from the insurance company.  In other cases, the patient has to fill in a claim form.

Whilst the Practice can provide leaflets regarding insurance companies and is happy to give advice about procedures, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that payment is made.  The Practice regrets that it is unable to enter into discussions with insurers on the patient’s behalf.

We recommend that you check the details of your insurance policy – particular attention should be paid to extended consultations with a doctor, which some providers do not cover.

Emergency Department Charges

Treatment in the Emergency department at the hospital is provided by Health & Social Care and patients are therefore charged by them. Please see the link to their charges.

St John Ambulance Charges

All ambulance transfers on the island are provided by St John Ambulance Guernsey and therefore all ambulance bills are charged by them to the patient. Please see the link to their charges.


We urge patients to pay at the time of their consultations as this minimises administration and helps to keep charges down.  Payment may be made by debit or credit card without additional charge.
Various schemes exist for those patients who are unable to meet the costs of medical care and the Practice is happy to advise on these.
Please note that you may be charged for failing to attend an appointment without giving us sufficient prior notice.
If you have a query on your account or are suffering financial hardship that makes it difficult to pay your medical bills at present then please call our Accounts Department on 722023 or email them at accounts@eqrmp.com who will be pleased to assist you.

Doctor Consultations

Doctor Consultation (10 minutes)£64.60
Doctor Consultation Extended (20 minutes) £141.10
Doctor - failure to attend appointment£38.30
Doctor Home Visit£141.10
Telephone Consultation£64.60
Under 18s Consultations£25.00

Treatment by a Doctor

Including standard consultation charge

Baby Check£25.00
Blood Test£90.40
Ear Microsuction£85.00
Epley Manoeuvre£140.00
Nasal Cautery£95.00
Simple Injection£81.50
Skin Allergy Testing£180.00
Soft Tissue / Intra-articular Injection£159.30

Nurse Consultations

Nurse Consultation (10 minutes)£36.50
Nurse Consultation Extended (20 minutes)£79.10
Nurse - failure to attend appointment£21.30
Under 18s Consultations£15.00

Treatment by a Nurse

Including standard consultation charge

24 Hour BP Monitor£100.00
Blood Test£25.80
Ear Cleansing£56.90
Simple Injection£53.40

Minor Operations / Specialist Treatment

Including standard consultation charge

Acupuncture – Initial£154.80
Acupuncture – Follow up£109.70
Minor Operation - Short£236.00
Minor Operation - Long£313.00
Pessary Fitting£141.20

Women's Health

Contraception is free for patients under 21

Cervical Smear with Doctor£43.10
Cervical Smear with NurseNo charge
Copper Coil / T-safe£248.30
Depo-Provera Injection (with Doctor)£81.50
Depo-Provera Injection (with Nurse)£36.50
Mirena Coil£366.70

Medicals / Forms

Blue Badge£25.00
Diving Medical *£38.80
Fitness to Drive - Car£76.60
Fitness to Drive - PSV/HGV£153.10
Guardianship / Affidavit£149.20
Passport Certification£25.00
Private Pilot Licence£74.70
Seafaring Medical£224.00
Seatbelt Exemption£36.50
Insurance Claim Forms£25.00
Travel Cancellation Forms£25.00

* Price may vary

Physiotherapy (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist)

Physiotherapy - 15 mins appt£30.20
Physiotherapy - 30 mins appt£66.40
Physiotherapy - 45 mins appt£99.60
Physiotherapy - 60 mins appt£132.80
Physio Failure to Attend (15 mins appt)£15.10
Physio Failure to Attend (30 mins appt)£33.20
Physio Failure to Attend (45 mins appt)£59.80
Physio Failure to Attend (60 mins appt)£66.40


Counsellor Appointment (1hr)£80.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Private Letters£25.00
Repeat Prescription (Collect in Surgery)£5.40
Repeat Prescription (E-Mail / Fax)£5.50
Prescription Dispensing Fee£4.70

Private Covid Test with Nurse

Private COVID 19 Swab Test£104.80
Private COVID 19 Supervised Lateral Flow Test£37.90
Private COVID 19 Antibody Test£46.30

Out of Hours (Primary Care Centre located at the PEH)

Primary Care Centre Consultation - at all times except the below£150.00
Primary Care Centre Consultation - 11pm - 8am Monday to Sunday (including bank holidays)£175.00
Primary Care Consultation - all times under 18 years of age£25.00
Doctor Home Visit - at all times except the below£205.00
Doctor Home Visit - 11pm - 8am Monday - Sunday (including Bank Holidays)£262.00
Doctor Home Visit – at all times under 18 years of age£25.00
Telephone Consultation (at all times except the below)£69.00
Telephone Consultation - 11pm - 8am Monday to Sunday (including Bank Holidays)£80.00
Telephone Consultation - at all times under 18 years of age£25.00

Non-Guernsey Residents

Doctor Consultation in Surgery£76.60
Nurse Consultation in Surgery£42.50
Telephone Consultation£76.60
Out of Hours Consultation - at all times except the below *£178.00
Out of Hours Consultation - 11pm - 8am Monday - Sunday (including bank holidays) *£202.00
Telephone Consultation from the Primary Care Centre - at all times except the below *£81.00
Telephone Consultation from the Primary Care Centre - 11pm - 8am Monday – Sunday (including bank holidays) *£93.00
Home Visit - at all times except the below£231.00
Home Visit - 11pm - 8am Monday - Sunday (including bank holidays)£288.00

* Located at the PEH (Princess Elizabeth Hospital)

Travel Vaccine Fees

DiseaseVaccinePrice (per Dose)
Hep A/BTWINRIX Adult£52.97
Hep A/BTWINRIX Paediatric£34.19
Hep A/B CombinedAMBIRIX£45.09
Hep A/TyphoidHEPATYRIX or VIATIM£53.64
Hep BENGERIX Adult£22.49
Hep BENGERIX Paediatric (pfs)£17.51
MeningitisACWY Vax£66.00
RabiesRabies BP/Verorab£64.26
Yellow FeverSTAMARIL£59.58
TyphoidTYPHIM or TYPHERIX£16.74
TyphoidVivotif 1£19.38
Japanese EncephalitisIXIARO£92.25
Tick-borne Encephalitis 2£67.20
Travel RabiesSanofi Pasteur / Rabies BP£30.00
Travel RabiesVerorab£64.26
Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis / PolioRepavax£30.00
Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio (DTPOL)Revaxis£11.70
MeaslesMMR PRIORIX£11.46
Travel Consultation - Single£21.30
Travel Consultation - Family 3£42.50

1 Price is for a full treatment of one set of tablets
2 Please speak to the Nurse/Doctor for details
3 One adult plus children - any additional adults will be charged separately

Please note there will be a consultation fee and an administration charge in addition to the cost of the vaccine and the States Health Benefit Grant is not claimable.
Please note the vaccine costs given may change, the Practice Nurse will be able to give you an exact price.
All charges must be paid at the time of consultation.
If you require any further information or wish to make an enquiry about travel vaccines please ask at reception to make an appointment with a Practice Nurse.