Fees and Charges
Services provided by all of the Doctor’s surgeries in Guernsey are subject to fees and charges.  To view a full list of our 2019 ‘in surgery’ fees please click here or for ‘out of hours’ please click here

Holiday Vaccination Fees
For a full breakdown of our holiday vaccination fees, please click here.

Fees for most treatments can be covered by medical insurance and each company has its own procedures and method of claiming.  In some cases, and for some types of treatment, payment can be claimed directly by the Practice from the insurance company.  In other cases, the patient has to fill in a claim form.

Whilst the Practice can provide leaflets regarding insurance companies and is happy to give advice about procedures, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that payment is made.  The Practice regrets that it is unable to enter into discussions with insurers on the patient’s behalf.

Emergency Department Charges
Treatment in the Emergency department at the hospital is provided by Health & Social Care and patients are therefore charged by them. Please see link to charges.

We urge patients to pay at the time of their consultations as this minimises administration and helps to keep charges down.  Payment may be made by debit or credit card without additional charge.

Various schemes exist for those patients who are unable to meet the costs of medical care and the Practice is happy to advise on these.
Please note that you may be charged for failing to attend an appointment without giving us sufficient prior notice.
If you have a query on your account or are suffering financial hardship that makes it difficult to pay your medical bills at present then please contact our Accounts Department on tel: 722023 or email: accounts@eqrmp.com who will be pleased to assist you.