Patient Charter

Every patient of the Practice is entitled to :

Receive treatment which is, in the opinion of the Practitioner, reasonably necessary for the patient’s well-being, regardless of his or her ability to pay

A clear explanation of, and advice on, the patient’s medical condition and any proposed treatment

A referral for specialist’s medical opinion or other second opinion in appropriate circumstances

Receive information via the Practice’s notice board or web site of any relevant health promotion exercises and preventative medicine initiatives

Access to necessary paramedical support

Absolute confidentiality of medical records maintained by the Practice subject to any provisions for disclosure imposed or allowed by law

Be kept informed by means of the Practice notice board or web site of any substantial changes in the prices, terms or conditions upon which the Practice will serve the needs of its patients

Have any formal complaint against the Practice investigated and dealt with in a manner which is both fair and expeditious and in accordance with the Practice protocol

The Practice is entitled to:

Receive honesty, courtesy and civility from its patients

The Practice will not accept:

Rudeness, threats or aggressive behaviour directed towards practitioners staff or other patients

Repeated abuse of its facilities including at the out of hours service, located at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital.