If you need medication, your Doctor will prescribe you the appropriate drugs, which you may obtain from a pharmacy or dispensary of your choice.  There are independent pharmacies adjacent to the Queens Road and Longfrie Surgeries as well as elsewhere in the Island.

There may be times when your doctor feels that you do not need medication, so you may not always be given a prescription.

Medication Explained
To see a list of medications and information about them, please visit this page by the NHS – – which will hopefully answer any questions you have about medication you have been prescribed. As always, your pharmacist will be able to assist you and provide information regarding medication should you have any queries.

Repeat prescriptions
Should you need long term treatment, your doctor may prescribe more than one month’s supply of medication.  Prescription forms for these items may be left in the pharmacy of your choice, or you may retain them.

Your Doctor will generally wish to see you before prescribing more than three months’ supply of medication. This is to ensure that your drugs are still appropriate and that you still need them.

If your Doctor does agree to prescribe further medication without requiring to see you, then the prescription may be collected from reception at the appropriate surgery.  Please try to order them at least 48 hours ahead of needing them.  A small charge, currently £6.00, is levied by the Practice for this service.  We regret that the Practice is not able to accept e-mail requests for repeat prescriptions.

Prescription charge
Unless you are exempted under the law, the pharmacy will make a per item charge for dispensing.  The statutory charge with effect from 1st Jan 2024 is £4.90.

For your convenience, there is a pharmacy located on site at both the Queens Road and Longfrie Surgeries.  Please note that the Pharmacies are individual businesses and are not affiliated with the Practice.
If you need a pharmacy on a Sunday, Boots the Chemist is open (High Street and the Bridge) from 10am to 4pm.